Every project starts with us getting to know you. We pour all efforts into learning your product, your customers—and your expectations.
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We learn your market segment, your channels of distribution, your targeted product placement and any trends that might impact success. Then we walk hand-in-hand with you to create the right solution for your individual need. We can guide you through our extensive range of standardized packaging solutions that can be customized for your needs. We can also offer fully custom designs if that’s what your product calls for. Let’s get started. Contact us for a free consultation. 

Design matters—From thumbnail sketches to 3-D renderings our expert designers will create a concept that best fits your product.
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Creating the right packaging for your product starts with the right idea, evolves into a blueprint and then ultimately becomes a solution that suits you best. Our design team will work closely with you to develope a package that will bring your vision to life. We work with nearly every type of plastic material, including PE, PET, PP, PS, SAN as well as Aluminum, Glass and more. Going green? We are proud to offer a range of sustainable materials that meet consumer demand for environmentally sound products, including PCR, PLA and polyethylene derived from sugar cane. Let’s talk. 

We engineer high quality packaging from exact specifications to best protect your product, increase shelf life, while considering aesthetics and functionality.
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With decades of experience on a vast array of projects, you can rely on our engineering team to seek the best solution for each design challenge. Put our engineers to work for you. Contact us. 

Now that your package has been designed and engineered, it's time to put a full size prototype in your hands.
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A 3-D model is the best way to gauge the look and feel of a final design.  A series of prototypes can be produced so you will be assured that the final design is perfect for your brand.

Once a prototype has confirmed the final design, It's time to go to manufacturing.
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Whether the project is best suited  for extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, or injection molding, DesignWorx’s decades of combined manufacturing and custom tooling experience will create the right package with the right specifications.  Our team’s expertise in the latest technology and processes will bring your product to life perfectly. Would you like to see the manufacturing process?

The overall appearance of a package is key to attracting attention at the point of sale and conveying your brand’s core values. We will work with you to providede the right decoration application to compliment your product.
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We have been transforming packaging through various decoration techniques for many industries for over half a century. Using state-of-the-art decorating equipment and in-house designers, we can put your packaging on brand. We offer a full array of printing techniques; silk screening, pad printing, foil stamp, thermal sleeving, pressure sensitive labeling and more. Our designers will create the look you need or you can submit your own artwork. We’re here for you. 

From product sourcing, packaging, filling, pricing, labeling and shipping, we can provide a fast, affordable fulfillment solutions and can aggregate orders from multiple channels to meet your specific needs.
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Integrity is of the utmost importance to our team. We know it is vital that your product gets to its destination on time and intact. Our strict quality assurance processes ensure the highest standards possible for your specific fulfillment needs. Get in touch.

Stocking Programs
When needed, we offer stocking programs to help bridge the gap between manufacturing lead times and our customers' needs.
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As lead times fluctuate industry wide based on supply and demand pressure; we offer stocking programs to provide a consistent flow of just-in-time inventory to meet our customers' unpredictable demands for finished goods.  Send us a message.  

From start to finish, you can be assured that every step has been taken to provide the best possible packaging to show case your product and build your brand. What are you waiting for? 
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For images of our most recent work please contact us.